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The newest vortex technologies that we use for deep and waste-free processing of phyto- and biomass with an attempt to extract valuable biologically active substances

The company actively cooperates with a number of scientific and technological companies from the EU, Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland.

The latest achievements of our company are new technologies in the processing of agricultural products, wastes, in hydro and aeroponics, plant breeding and cultivation.

We have developed new soil substrates for poor and desert soils, new enzyme technologies for processing animal waste and poultry manure, new compositions of environmentally friendly biological plant protection products. Our team of scientists, engineers, technologists and specialists sees prospects in an integrated approach to solving food and environmental problems and is open to cooperation with potential partners from around the world.

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FOR THE 2018/2019 SEASON

plant breeding

Plant breeding

plant protection

Plant protection

Experimental biostation/plantation in the Republic of Cyprus.
Cultivation of raw materials for biological plant protection products and medicinal plants.
New formulations of dry activated ion-exchange biocombinants, soil immunological stimulants for plants, land reclamation, plant growing under desert conditions.
New formulations of biological products from phytomass of special plants, alkaloids and other biologically active substances.
Recycling plant-growing, livestock and poultry waste, municipal solid waste and organic biomass to produce a wide range of products.

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