— About Aerarium

Providing specialists

On the tasks that our company solves, together with us, there are 9 doctors of science, 14 agronomists, technologists and highly qualified specialists. On our website we tried to present the achievements that we can already present to the market.

International Association

By cooperation with several research institutes, as well as the help of our customers from the EU, USA, Ukraine and Russia, we launched several investment projects, united under the common name BIO+.

We give life to the deserts with our integrated approach:

  • Design and maintenance of oases, greenhouses, gardens, plantations, landscaping zones;
  • Hydro and aeroponics;
  • Soil substrates-ion exchangers;
  • Selection and cultivation of specific plants;
  • Elimination of biowaste and MSW;
  • Purification and sorption of water and industrial pollution;

Project of scientific and technological Biocenter

3 million tons of waste processing per year