— Plant protection

Biological plant protection products

New formulations of biological products from phytomass of special plants, alkaloids and other biologically active substances.

Biological plant protection products is a promising area of the agricultural business. For a long time, mankind has known the properties of some plants to scare away insects and suppress pathogens, both human and plant.
Such plants as garlic, tobacco and other plants are used in personal subsidiary farms. However, the existing technology of extraction of alkaloids is expensive and not very effective, since it does not allow the extraction of alkaloids in the native state.

TORNADO technology

allows the extraction of alkaloids without high energy costs, without the use of chemical reagents, which makes the production of plant protection products from plant biomass economically viable and environmentally friendly.
This is how we developed the technology of extraction of capsaicin from hot pepper varieties; we are working on eucalyptus, garlic, tobacco, wormwood and some other plants.
After conducting laboratory and field tests, new biological plant protection products will occupy a worthy place in the industrial production of crops.