— Recycling

What we recycle

  • Manure of cattle, sheep and goats, chicken manure.
  • Bird feather, animal and bird offal, bones, fallen animals and poultry, food industry waste.
  • Plant residues: straw, oilcake after processing, spoiled grain, bran, etc.
  • Wood waste - sawdust, wood waste, lignin.
  • The organic part of household waste is paper, food waste.
  • Waste sanitary and medical disposal.

Products from processing

  • Fertilizers.
  • Soil substrates and concentrates for export.
  • Native soil for certain crops for local use (desert soils).
  • Soil ion exchange matrices for closed ground for export. For example, matrices for cannabis, for berries, for mushrooms, for food greens.
  • Colloidal solutions of bioactive trace elements for irrigation, aeroponics and hydroponics.
  • The range of nutrient medium for breeding phyto nurseries.